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All jewelry-making (and indeed making of any kind) impacts the environment and communities both upstream and downstream.  I am committed to thinking carefully about my materials and each step of my process to ensure conscientious, ethical making.

All of my jewelry is handmade in my Portland, Oregon studio by one person--me!  I scrupulously follow environmentally safe practices, use the tiniest possible amounts of chemicals, and dispose of all waste in strict accordance with my local regulations.

All silver and gold components are made from recycled materials.  Stones are acquired from established, principled sources that are committed to fair trade and conflict-free mining.

This is a non-exhaustive list, and, whenever I have the chance, I will choose the materials and methods with the lowest negative impact.  This is my ethical metalsmithing pledge.


I belive in women.  I believe in social justice.  I believe that a business can and should have a soul.

At the end of each month, 10% of the purchase price from all online store sales will be donated to an organization that is working toward social justice and the empowerment of women.  


Please email suggestions for organizations that you would like to see featured.


Organization:  In honor of the historic inclusiveness of the 116th congress, and in recognition of the LONG WAY we still have to go, 10% of gross proceeds from my online store will go to She Should Run.

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