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Long Curve Matched Pair - Aura

Long Curve Matched Pair - Aura


Super lightweight anodized Titanium finished with Sterling Silver.  Entirely handmade and one-of-a-kind.


Aura is characterized by a golden peach ground with hot pink to fuschia flecks.  The vibe is warm and lovely.


Not quite what you want?  Order a customer pair here.

  • Care Instructions

    Anodized Titanium gets its color from an oxide layer that forms during the anodization process.  This layer is on the surface of the metal and, as such, should be protected from scratches.  Storing your earrings in their original box or somewhere isolated from other jewelry is a great idea.  Surface contaminants like oils from your fingers may also dull the color, but a quick buff with a clean cotton cloth will restore them.

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